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Carrier Overview

If you’ve spent some time on our website you’ll already know that our customers are very important to us. As with any business, we put a lot of our focus on and attention on handling every aspect of their shipments. However, the one aspect that we’ve only briefly mentioned is the most important aspect of any customers business, the actual Carrier hauling the load.

In order for us to be successful in developing long term customer relationships, we understand that success will come by developing long term relationships with our carrier base. Considering all of the factors that are out of our control in the market this is no easy task but it’s a task that we don’t take lightly.

Many of our competitors will state very bluntly that they have some of the highest pay rates in the industry and their goal is to maximize what a carrier can make on their loads. Although that sounds great in theory, how can the other side of their sales pitch state to their customers that they also have the most competitive rates in the industry? It just doesn’t work.

At Vital Transportation, we understand the market generally controls the rates. Every customer is slightly different but at the end of the day, we’re in competition for the lanes just like everyone else. Our goal is to charge our customers a fair market rate and our goal is to pay the carriers we use on their lanes a fair market price for their services.

That’s why we focus on the service, both to our customers and to our carriers. From a carrier perspective, simply put, you’re not going to have the issues with us that come up with our competition. We believe in paying attention to the details. When we are servicing a lane, you’re going to find that we’ve been in contact with your shippers and receivers. We know what their hours are and will have their proper address. We’ve discovered if they are by appointment only or first come first served and we’ve asked about any special nuances that they may have. Once again, all of this may sound simple but we know how often it isn’t done in the industry.

Why do we do it, because we value your time and what you have to go through to keep your drivers happy in this environment. We’re not saying we’re perfect and nor are all of our loads. We’re all human and at times things won’t go perfectly. At Vital Transportation you’ll find a carrier rep on site whose job is to work with you and the customer to solve the issues together and not leaving you left to wonder what is going on.

We offer two sets of payment terms, our standard 30 day pay term and our 3 day quick pay terms either through check or ACH. We have an on site staff for all carrier set ups making our set up process quick and painless for you.

We handle a large variety of shipments of all sizes for Vans, Flats, Reefers, Rail, and hazmat. At Vital Transportation, we understand the value our carriers bring to the table. If this sounds like a 3rd party you would like to start working with, give us a call to get set up today!

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