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Want to become a Carrier for Vital Transportation Solutions?

To become a member of our trusted carrier network please submit a request for our set up packet through the form below, or contact us directly at 330.983.9962.

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Take advantage of our many payment options!

  • Free ACH payments
  • Quick Pay (3% for 3 days)

At any time you can change your payment options by downloading our Payment Options form and sending it back via email to or via fax to 330.800.3550.

Billing FAQs:

Q: Does Vital Transportation Solutions accept e-mail Invoices?
A: Of course! Feel free to send your invoice and POD to

Q: What are Vital Transportation Solutions standard payment forms?
A: Our Standard Payment Terms: 30 days from receipt of legible POD and invoice.

Q: How much do you charge for ACH?
A: Absolutely nothing!

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Still Have Questions?

Contact our A/P department directly!
Phone: 330.983.9962
Fax: 330.800.3550