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Our Mission is to build lasting partnerships by earning your trust one load at a time.

About Us

Our mission is your mission.

At Vital Transportation, we believe your 3rd party logistics provider is only as good as the last load they moved for you.  You have a salesforce who has worked hard to sell your product and you have a production team who has worked hard to make that product to perfection.  You deserve a transportation provider who understands that every load counts and will work hard to ensure every load is delivered on time.

At Vital Transportation, we understand how important that final step is.

It doesn’t matter how many loads we’ve delivered successfully for you in the past.  Day in and day out our focus will remain on ensuring your customers are satisfied with their experience.  Each and every load tendered to us will be treated with the same care and attention to detail as the last. 

Why Vital?

We care.

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