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About Us

A continued drive to service.

Vital Transportation Solutions was created with one philosophy in mind, to provide transportation services to our customers at a level they’ve never experienced before.

Our job isn’t just to ship your product from point A to point B, our job is about delivering that final image of service you want to project to your clients. At Vital transportation, we understand manufacturers are under immense pressure to not only create the highest quality of product but to be able to deliver those products under increasingly tight timeframes. It is imperative in today’s landscape to find a provider who understands these challenges and is equipped to handle all of your supply chain needs. If you are looking for a transportation provider who understands these factors and is committed to their core philosophy of service, you are looking in the right place.

In contrast to our competitors where they put the focus on their outside sales team, we measure our success through our customer service and operations department. Where they are dedicated to the initial sale and volume of new accounts obtained, we are focused on developing partnerships with our customers and understand that the real work begins once we are executing your business. We continually strive to understand your needs and the unique challenges you are facing in order to develop the right strategies and solutions. Our staff is configured in a manor that we will scale to your business, capable off producing timely spot quotes or coordinating roll outs to the National Market.

Our process starts with consistent communication. We believe in answering the phone with a live voice, we believe in responding to your email inquiries within minutes, and we believe in providing you with the solutions you need in a timely fashion. We also believe in committing to 100% of the loads your business requires, not just the simple ones.

We understand that we are a direct reflection of your business and we will provide that final link of communication to your clients. We will begin to understand your customers concerns and will address them in order to provide the best opportunity for us to meet or exceed the expectations you have laid out for us.

Our operations department is trained to strictly vet active carriers in order to eliminate providers who don’t show a strong track record towards doing things properly, and we diligently track our assigned carriers through dispatch until the load has been delivered free and clear.

All of this may sound simple and it is when you take pride in what you do. We’ve thrived by emphasizing service over sales, relationships over price, and customer satisfaction over everything else. We want to make sure we’re reaching our customer base in a way that adds value to what you do and we’re willing to earn that type of partnership and trust one shipment at a time.

Give us a call at (877) 773-6743; we’ve got over 75 years of combined transportation experience ready to make that commitment to you and your customers!