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Freight Density Calculator

Determine LTL Freight Class by Density

Density is a big factor for detemining freight class. Although we always recommend determining your actual freight class and writing the NMFC number on the bill of lading to protect yourself against carriers re-classing your shipments, you can use density as a guide to freight class.

Length (inches)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs.)

To use this tool, just enter your dimensions (inches) and weight (pounds), click the calculate button and let our calculator determine your density. You can then use the chart below to determine what class is associated with your density.

Less than 1
class 400
Less than 2
class 300
2 but less than 4
class 250
4 but less than 6
class 150
6 but less than 8
class 125
8 but less than 10
class 100
10 but less than 12
class 92.5
12 but less than 15
class 85
Over 15 = class 70

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